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What can Data-Devil do for me?

If you are a QuickBooks ® user, our software can help you identify performance patterns, relationships and opportunities buried in your company's accounting data.

We offer a geographical reporting solution for under $100 that can plot and playback customer-related activities anywhere in the US. We also offer a graphical reporting tool that mines transaction detail and renders results for side-by-side comparison, just like a stock chart.

For folks who prefer spreadsheets, we offer a free export utility built on Intuit's SDK framework that can read records from over 40 different QuickBooks ® tables.

How do I map my QuickBooks ® data?

The spatial reporting process with MapApp begins with assembling a custom report that defines what transaction type and date range you want to analyze. MapApp then queries QuickBooks ® for matching records, automatically geocodes sources of activity and outputs your report results to an interactive, geographical display. Your report parameters are automatically saved when assembled, so you can rerun your reports with a single click.

You wouldn't run a website without geographical reporting, so why run a business without MapApp?

How can I analyze QuickBooks ® transaction patterns?

If you have been in business for more than one year, have more than one customer or sell more than product then TranxTracker is the tool for you!

Graphical reports built with TranxTracker can simultaneously display up to five different transaction patterns, making it an ideal tool for comparing the performance of different products, vendor or customer histories or activity totals spanning different fiscal periods or types of transactions.

How do I export my QuickBooks ® data to Excel?

GetKit provides for one the easiest and fastest means of exporting your QuickBooks ® records to Excel. Simply pick a table to export, set a date range (if applicable) and click the 'Export' button. GetKit can even access otherwise difficult-to-reach QuickBooks ® detail like transaction line items and user-defined fields.

We give GetKit away for free so you'll like us enough to 1) buy our other tools or 2) tell other QuickBooks ® users about us, preferably on your blog or website.

How do I get these tools?

Each of our analysis tools can be downloaded directly from our website. Our tools require no technical expertise, and our goal is to have you up-and-running within thirty minutes of your download.

GetKit can be downloaded and used indefinitely at no charge. MapApp and TranxTracker can be downloaded and evaluated indefinitely at no charge, though they are functionally limited until licensed.

Should you opt to purchase a license for one of our analysis tools, your license key will be delivered electronically immediately following your checkout.

How do I get help?

We backup our commitment to user-friendly design with free tech support. Send us your support request or give us a call; we'll be glad to assist you.


What is a "plugin" for QuickBooks ®?

A plugin for QuickBooks ® can be defined as any 3rd party (or non-Intuit) application which adds value to QuickBooks ®. Plugins (sometimes called "add-ons" or "integrated applications") can be used to rapidly read, write or modify records in a QuickBooks ® Company File.

How do QuickBooks ® plugins work?

QuickBooks ® plugins communicate with a QuickBooks ® Company File using a variety of methods and platforms. Older platforms involved pushing or pulling formatted data into or from QuickBooks ® using .IIF (Intuit Interchange Format) files. Modern plugins are built using the QuickBooks ® SDK (Software Development Kit) or the relatively new IPP (Intuit Partner Platform). The SDK platform enables applications to communicate directly with most Windows desktop versions of QuickBooks ®. The IPP is a cloud-based platform which enables applications to communicate with QuickBooks ® through a periodic synchronization of Company File data with Intuit servers.

Are some QuickBooks ® plugins safer to use than others?

Applications employing SDK and IPP integration methods are widely considered safer to use than IIF methods as data exchange via IIF is not validated prior to processing by QuickBooks ®. Our applications are built using the QuickBooks ® SDK and pose no risk of Company File corruption.

Could using your plugins modify my QuickBooks ® data?

Our software takes a read-only approach to communicating with QuickBooks ®. In short, using our software will not affect the underlying records in your QuickBooks ® Company File.

Do your plugins work with all versions of QuickBooks ®?

Our plugins work with Windows versions of QuickBooks ® Pro, Premier, and Enterprise 2003 or later as well as UK and Canada editions 2008 or later. At present, our plugins do not work the QuickBooks ® Online Edition or Mac Edition(s).

Do your plugins run on all operating systems?

Our plugins are compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Server editions (32 and 64 bit configurations supported). Our applications will also run on Mac and Linux machines running Windows via Parallels, VirtualBox, etc.

Do you build custom QuickBooks ® plugins?

Yes. If you have an idea for a analysis tool or improvement to an existing tool, contact us to tell us about it. We also offer custom development services for folks seeking a more exclusive solution.


Can I evaluate a plugin before purchasing a license?

Trial evaluations are available at no charge for all Data-Devil analysis utilities. There is no length limit to your evaluation, but reports assembled during evaluation omit a fixed percentage of available detail.

How does your licensing process work?

Should you wish to purchase a license for a plugin, just click a plugin purchase link to process a one-time payment. Immediately following checkout, you will be emailed a purchase confirmation and a license key for the purchased plugin. Simply copy/paste this license key when you start your plugin. You can later deactivate your key at any time to free it for use elsewhere (i.e. another workstation). You can also use your license key to activate future versions of a licensed application.

Do you charge recurring fees following licensing?

No. Our licensing process involves a one-time payment, after which you will not be charged. Your purchase also entitles you to free updates for the life of your utility.

How is payment processing handled?

What is your return/refund policy?

If you are for any reason unsatisfied with your purchase, let us know within 30 days for an immediate refund of your entire purchase.

How do I transfer my license from one machine to another?

To transfer a license between machines, simply deactivate your license key on the first machine then activate any subsequent machine of your choosing. Your license can be transferred an indefinite number of times at no additional charge.

Will my license key eventually expire?

Your license key has no expiration date and is compatible with all future versions/releases of the licensed product. To update your plugin, simply download and install the latest version and enter your license key on startup.

Can I run reports against more than one QuickBooks ® Company File?

Absolutely. Our plugins are consultant-friendly and can run reports against any number of compatible QuickBooks ® Company Files.

Will my license key work if I change QuickBooks ® versions?

So long as Intuit continues to support desktop integration, your plugin and license key will work with future versions of QuickBooks ®. Our plugins are built for use with desktop versions of QuickBooks ® (i.e. Pro/Premier/Enterprise). Should you migrate from a desktop version of QuickBooks ® to an online version, your desktop plugin will not be able to communicate with your web-based company file.


What measures have you taken to keep my personal data safe?

A data breach at Data-Devil will never compromise your personal information or QuickBooks ® data because we do not collect, upload or store your personal information or QuickBooks ® data. See our Privacy Policy for more details.

What measures have you taken to keep my QuickBooks ® data safe?

Firstly, our plugins can only be accessed from the computer on which they are installed and when logged into Windows by the user who installed them. Secondly, our plugins store data within a password-protected, 128-bit encrypted database located in a randomly generated installation directory on your computer (not online). Lastly, our plugins will never transmit your QuickBooks ® data over the internet.

Do your plugins ever connect to the internet?

Only to 1) validate a license key or 2) geocode a requested city or landmark (MapApp only). When using our software, your QuickBooks ® data remains in your possession (on your server/machine) at all times.

Will my reports be accessible if someone else signs in at my workstation?

Just like your My Documents folder, an installed plugin is only accessible by an Administrator or when you sign in at your workstation with your Windows user credentials.

What's your spam/email policy?

We will only email you in response to a contact, support or custom development request. We do not broadcast unsolicited email (newsletters, marketing materials, promotions, or otherwise).

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